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Silicor Materials was founded as a company to produce purified silicon, though today we handle just as much aluminum in our factory as we do silicon.


Solar Silicon

Solar SiliconDesigned specifically to meet the needs of the solar industry, our solar silicon can help PV module manufacturers reduce costs while continuing to meet stringent customer performance expectations.

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Al-Si Master Alloys

Our aluminum-silicon master alloys provide increased strength, weight reduction and manufacturability to fuel a number of major industries, including automotive, aerospace and building materials.

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Polyaluminum Chloride

Polyaluminum chloride is a critical input for water treatment applications at the municipal and industrial scales. PAC acts as a coagulant to clarify and purify water for drinking, food production and even releasing....

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Polysilicon manufacturing can be one of the most environmentally hazardous product processes in the solar PV value chain, partially because the Siemens method requires large amounts of volatile trichlorosilane gas. By contrast, Silicor’s process requires no handling of hazardous gases, improving safety for both workers and the surrounding environment.